The BLOC of roniz


As a thank you to all of you now 500 people out there who have decided to follow me, I’m offering one winner one free commission.  I’ll draw anything at all (the only exceptions being porn, or intense gore, I’m not the guy you want for those kind of jobs I don’t think, nothing personal), any fandom, any characters, any place, anything.  It’s up to the winner to say what happens.  

Now here’s how it’s going to work.  If you reblog this post I will put your name in a drawing to win the commission.  Simple as could be, once you reblog it, I write down your screen name, draw one name at random, if it’s yours then you’ve won yourself a commission.  This event will go on until midnight on August 8th.  After that I will message you, and we can get to talking about what you’ve got in mind.

So if you’re interested, just hit reblog!  I’ll be talking to you soon!

Why would I miss this opportunity?